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When it comes to termites, time is of the essence. If you suspect you are facing an infestation, contact us right away. We can schedule a convenient time to come to your property to assess what we need to do to contain and eradicate it. We have been in the industry since 1972 and have seen termite issues of all levels of severity. No matter how far gone your problem might seem, do not despair. We have numerous treatment options at our disposal that can eliminate these pests safely and effectively. Even if you do not have an infestation, we can implement proven preventative measures that can keep your home or building termite-free. 

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Common Types of Termite Treatment

When you think of termite treatment, you might imagine whole-property fumigation. While we do offer this service, there are several other localized treatments that we can utilize to eradicate termite populations with precision. 

Below are some of the most common types of treatments and what they entail.  

Borate Treatment 

This is a powerful way of protecting your new home or building from termites. What we do is apply diluted borate to wood features that are generally inside your building such as joists and sill plates. In combination with liquid termiticide treatments, this technique can offer you effective protection. 

Wood Treatments

We can seal or treat decks, fences, steps, and other outdoor wooden features, which works best alongside other treatment options just as borate. We can also replace damaged wood with materials that are naturally termite-resistant or pressure-treated.  

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Other Forms of Termite Treatment

Physical Barriers

During construction, we can install termite shields or collars. These serve as barriers to entry in vulnerable places such as plumbing or electrical conduits, foundation walls, and support piers. 

Liquid Termiticide 

This is a proven method of protecting buildings from the destruction that subterranean termites cause. We apply the termiticide in the soil around and under the foundation of your home or business, creating zones of treated soil that are effective for up to five years, according to many estimates.  

Foam Termiticide 

This treatment option is a unique solution for termite control in hard-to-reach places. It is a specialized combination of insecticides, water, and foaming agent. Once applied, the foam breaks down and leaves behind its active ingredients on interior surfaces that would be difficult to reach with liquid treatment alone. 

Baiting and Dry Termiticides 

Bait stations attract foraging worker termites, who unknowingly consume treated bait and share the poisoned food with their colony. Over time, this eliminates the infestation. Dry termiticide eradicates termites in a similar way as baiting, except inject the poisoned food in locations where we know they are actively feeding.


Fumigation is an effective way to eliminate termites by exposing infested areas or objects to sulfuryl fluoride gas. We can fumigate smaller objects like furniture in special chambers, or even an entire building through tenting.  

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The Best Termite Control for Your Property 

To determine the best method of termite control for your property, we will account for: 

  • The severity of the infestation
  • The species of termite
  • The affected areas

Each of these factors will influence the approach we take. Frequently, a combination of control methods provides the most effective solution. Termite infestations can be tricky to tackle, so approaching them via multiple techniques can help successfully eradicate the problem and safeguard your property for the future. 

The first step to effective termite control is getting an inspection. If you are facing an infestation or want to prevent one from happening, turn to our team at Tri-Pacific Termite. We can perform a comprehensive inspection and tailor a dynamic control plan for your property. 

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