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    • What does a plumbing leak specifically have to do with termites?

      Wood members with high moisture content are ideal habitats for wood-destroying organisms like termites. A plumbing leak can create excessive moisture conditions. Costly fungus damage in the vicinity of a plumbing leak is very common, but avoidable in most of the parts! A close examination of these areas by our trained inspector could reveal a leak in the early stages, and save you the high cost of a fungus damage repair.

    • Are there any other wood-destroying organisms I need to worry about?

      Powder-post beetles come second only to termites in the severity of their destruction. Just like termites, powder-post beetles can do extensive damage, before their presence is found. Other wood-destroying organisms include carpenter ants and carpenter bees. In all cases of fungus infection, you will find an excessive moisture condition that must be eliminated to prevent future fungus growth.

      Plumbing leaks or damaged toilet seals can create excessive moisture conditions. This will lead to fungal growth and wood rot. When the humidity level is high in wooden parts, you will find fungus. If you detect the infection early, a fungicide can be applied to halt the fungal growth. If the infection is severe, call us to remove and replace the damaged or infected wood members.

    • If you have never seen termite swarms in your home, could you still have termites?

      Termites work from the inside out and are extremely difficult to be detected. It's possible that you missed seeing the swarm. With the exception of rarely seen termites, the other members of the termite colony spend their entire lives in the wood or in the ground. Swarming usually lasts less than an hour, and occurs only once or twice a year, or there might not be any swarm at the moment.

    • Why do you need to test the shower and check the toilet seal?

      Our inspectors not only look for live evidence of wood-destroying organisms, but also evidence of conditions that encourage infestation or infection. A leaky shower or toilet can create moisture in the surrounding wood members that encourages wood-destroying organisms. Our inspectors check these areas to ensure that they are water tight.

      *Please note if it is necessary to remove the shower door to make the repairs. The state law requires the shower door to be replaced with safety glass, if it does not already exist in the shower. The replacement of the glass would be an added cost to our services.

    • What are the difference between Section 1 and Section 2 findings?

      Section 1 is defined as visible, active evidence of infestation (termites, carpenter ants or bees, wood-boring beetles, etc.) or infection (fungus or rot).

      Section 2 is defined as conditions present that are likely to lead to infestation or infection (moisture conditions, faulty grade level, earth-to-wood contact, etc.)

      These are the two categories of findings that are most relevant during escrow. Most lenders require Section 1 findings to be remedied before your sale is completed.

    • Is termite inspection important?

      Every inch of your property that comes in contact with the soil, and every inch that is wood, must be checked and scrutinized closely to make sure that they have not been infected. Even concrete and masonry floors and walls should be examined for cracks or gaps through which termites could enter. The entire building structure must be inspected for indications of hollowed-out, weakened wood, and especially for signs of the termites' tubes. This is how they reach the wooden structural members.

      If you are putting up your home for sale, a complete inspection will give you the information you need before placing your property on the market. This early-bird inspection will also reveal situations that you might need to take care of. But rarely, during escrow, will the homebuyer be comfortable with the seller performing these repairs or adjustments.

      Termite inspection also gives you information regarding the cost of the termite clearance that you may or may not need to sell your property. You will get an added benefit by ordering your inspection early. Tri-Pacific Termite Co. of Montrose will discount your total job cost by 10% if the inspection is performed before escrow.

      A termite inspection can never be a hit-or-miss proposition. They are found in places that are very difficult to reach. Sometimes the signs are difficult for the untrained eye to identify. You can be sure that no one can track the termite's trail better than our skilled inspectors. Asking for a thorough inspection from our company is the first step that you can take toward eliminating a termite infestation.

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