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You should always be sure to call an experienced professional if you suspect that termites have infested your home or business. These insects can cause significant, and sometimes irreversible damage. Not only that, but infestations are often hard to detect. Termites are proficient at hiding and can exist and multiply in places throughout a building. Without the proper tools and know-how, it is nearly impossible to understand the severity of the problem.

At Tri-Pacific Termite, we have been in business for over four decades and have seen countless termite infestations at all types of commercial and residential properties. When we perform inspections today, we lean on our wealth of experience and utilize tried-and-true technologies and methods to ensure we provide our customers with a complete understanding of where the insects are and how they are affecting their buildings. 

Our precision termite inspections in Glendale allow us to then offer targeted treatments that can effectively eradicate even the worst infestations. If you know you have a termite problem or suspect you have one, do not wait to call us today. The first step to addressing an issue with termites is getting a timely inspection. 

Get in touch with us by calling (818) 482-2224 or contacting us online. We serve customers in Glendale, Pasadena, The Foothills, and The Greater Los Angeles Area. 

Signs You Need a Termite Inspection  

It is easy for termite infestations to go unnoticed, leaving your property vulnerable to compounding damage and expenses. There are, however, some common signs that you can watch for that will let you know you should call a professional to perform an inspection. 

The first two signs concern your home’s wooden infrastructure and paint. If the woodwork in certain areas of your home sounds hollow when you knock on it, there is a chance that termites have eaten their way through the wood and possibly compromised its structural integrity. Should paint on your walls or ceilings unexpectedly bubble, you might also have reason to believe you have an infestation. This is because when these insects eat away at drywall, it allows water and air to get between and causes the paint to bubble or peel. While neither of these two things can guarantee you have termites, it is a good idea to call for an inspection if you notice them. This is especially true when you see these signs in combination with those below. 

Other signs you should watch out for deal less with your property. Termite swarms often leave behind discarded wings and frass—a polite term for excrement. Should you notice piles of these things near windowsills or other openings, you likely have an infestation. The same is true if you notice mud tubes in your foundation or along exterior walls. These are often brown or tan tubes that typically have a diameter of between a quarter inch and a full inch. 

The last and most obvious sign of an infestation is the sight of termites themselves. These insects are small, pale, and resemble ants. They have straight antennae and a thick waist, distinguishing them from ants which have elbowed antennae and narrow waists. Certain castes of termites also have two pairs of wings that are equal in size and shape, while ant wings are unequal.

Over 50 Years of Experience in Termite Elimination

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Our Inspection Process

To schedule a termite inspection in Glendale or any of our other service areas at a convenient time for you, contact us today. With infestations, the sooner you act the better. We are always at the ready to answer your calls, and we can even schedule same-day appointments in an emergency. 

Our inspection process is as follows:

  1. Once you have called, we will take care to speak with you about why you have contacted us and what signs of an infestation you have seen. We might also ask for more information about your property and its structure so we can make certain to complete a thorough inspection. 
  2. We inspect your home or building and the areas around it. In every location, we watch for signs of weakened or hollowed wood, entryways where termites might have been able to get in, evidence of excessive moisture, and telltale signs of these insects like mud tubes. Not only do we look for signs, but we make note of potential problem areas. This helps us develop a plan to eliminate an infestation and prevent future issues from happening. 
  3. Once we have completed our inspection, we will discuss what we found with you and make our best recommendation for how we might move forward, as well as an estimate for the cost. For real estate properties, we can perform a wood destroying organism (WDO) report and email a copy to you or the appropriate agent. 

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