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What Does Termite Damage Look Like?


Termite damage is characterized by hollowed-out and weakened wood structures. It can cause floors to sag, wooden features to warp, and paint and wallpaper to bubble and peel. Ultimately, the damage termites cause can compromise the structural integrity of parts of a building over time. 

Wood rot and water damage can have similar effects as termite damage, so it is sometimes necessary to be able to differentiate them. During wood rot, fungi break down fibers in the wood, causing it to become soft and sponge-like. Water damage, on the other hand, causes wood to warp or swell. 

Two ways to identify termite damage are:

  1. Looking for mud tubes near damaged wood. These are small tunnels made from soil and saliva that termites use to travel through non-wooden areas.
  2. Watching for a honeycomb-like pattern developing on wooden features. This happens as subterranean termites eat in the same direction as the wood grain and leave behind the distinct pattern.

Should you see any of these indications of damage, do not hesitate to call us for an inspection. At Tri-Pacific Termite, we have more than four decades of experience implementing integrated control solutions that can effectively locate and eradicate termite infestations. Not only that, but we can restore and reinforce damaged wood. We are your go-to for termite solutions in Glendale, Pasadena, The Foothills, and elsewhere across The Greater Los Angeles Area. 

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Signs of a Termite Infestation

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to spot termite damage itself. This is because termites frequently tunnel through wood without disturbing its outer layer. Additionally, these insects typically feed on wood slowly and steadily, often over months or even years. Noticing the gradual damage before it is too late can be tough. 

There are, however, many signs that termites could have infested your property that you should watch for. 

These include:

  • Accumulation of sawdust-like material near baseboards or windowsills
  • Swollen door or window frames
  • Wooden features that sound hollow when you knock on them
  • Visible mud tubes along foundation walls
  • Small holes in drywall or wallpaper
  • Discarded wings or frass (termite excrement) around windowsills or doors
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Ways to Prevent Termite Damage

There are numerous post and pre-construction methods for preventing termite damage. While it is likely obvious that things such as fumigation and termiticide treatments are effective methods for eradicating an infestation, there are many other things you should take care to do. 

You ought to:

  • Schedule annual inspections to get ahead of a potential infestation. Professionals have tools and know-how that allow them to get into places you might not be able to access and examine locations some might overlook. 
  • Take preventative measures to safeguard your property. This could include sealing cracks and entry points, getting professional wood treatments, or installing physical barriers like termite shields or collars. 
  • Keep areas around your home or business free of clutter and wood piles that might attract termites. The same is true for areas with excessive moisture, as they can be breeding grounds for these insects. 

Termite damage can be severe, but it is preventable. If you are interested in fully protecting your property from an infestation, get the help of our team at Tri-Pacific Termite. We can implement a personalized control plan to eradicate an issue or prevent one from ever happening. 

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